Transfer AP course grades as college credits.

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Online Interactive Teaching 
Science Plus Mathematics Proficiency = Success!
We take the fear out of learning mathematics and science. 

SMM Academy Mission Statement

We are a diverse, online teaching institution whose primary focus is to prepare students for college and careers though the strengthening of their physical science and mathematics skills.  To this end, we offer training via interactive e-learning and then evaluate students' proficiency through standardized tests such as the College Board's ® AP*, SAT* 1 and 2, the ACT** ® college readiness assessment and the GED***.

Our Students

Based on our mission, we expect  that the groups of students that will benefit most from our services will be;

  • Home schooled students.
  • AP students requiring extra help in these base subjects.
  • Students in the 10th and later grades  who wish to take any combination of the base mathematics and physical sciences but are unable to do so either because they are not offered in their school or there are conflicts in their class schedules.
  • Students from churches or other community organizations signing up as a group with the required level of supervision from their organization.